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We are all different & I want your ceremony to reflect you both as a couple. Everyone has different ideas & opinions on how they want to celebrate their wedding day. So with this in mind, I offer 3 different wedding packages.

The Big Love Personalised Wedding Package is the whole shabang. I write a ceremony uniquely for you focusing on your love & life together. I include your story as a couple, what you love about each other, what makes your relationship work & your hopes for the future together. You choose all aspects of the ceremony including the Give Away, Asking, Personal Vows, Ring Exchange, Declaration & the inclusion of readings or rituals, if desired. As long as we cover the legal requirements, you can basically choose whatever you would like to include in your ceremony.

The Big Love Personalised Wedding Package Fee: $850

The Big Love Simple & Sweet Package caters for the couple who want a small, intimate wedding with no fuss. Maybe you are celebrating with just a few family & friends, maybe you don’t like being in the spotlight or maybe you both just can’t wait to start the party with your guests! The Simple & Sweet Package consists of a thoughtfully written ceremony, your choice of Asking, Ring Exchange & Declaration. Ofcourse you are able to include your own vows & a reading, if you desire.

The Big Love Simple & Sweet Package Fee: $550

The Elope With Simmy Package is for the no fuss couple. This package covers all of the legal requirements but without any fluff! It is perfect for the couple who just want to get married minus the hoohaa. Maybe you have done or are intending to do, a destination wedding overseas where the ceremony is not a legal marriage & you want to make it legal here in Australia, or it may be your second or third time around on the marriage merry-go round. Whatever your reason, this is a very short but legal ceremony with you, the bride & groom, two witnesses over the age of 18 & ofcourse, me, your celebrant!

The Elope With Simmy Package Fee: $350

Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows

Perhaps it is to mark a significant wedding anniversary or to simply acknowledge & to celebrate the hard work & effort invested in your marriage thus far. Whether it’s one year or fifty years of marriage together, a Vow Renewal ceremony is a touching & poignant way to celebrate & to nurture your marriage & relationship together.

Renewal of Vows Fee: $500

Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies 

Everyones relationship is different & for some, acknowledging & celebrating their love for one another publicly, in the form of a commitment ceremony is symbolic enough. Many couples, due to personal beliefs, just want to celebrate their commitment to one another without the legalities that a marriage imposes.

I believe in Marriage Equality & I truly hope that the right to marry will be extended to same sex couples in the near future. For the time being however, a Commitment Ceremony is a beautiful way for gay & lesbian couples to celebrate their love & life together surrounded by those dearest & most important to them.

Commitment Ceremony Fee: $600


In the event that the Australian Government legislates to legally recognise & to allow same sex marriage, I pledge to all of the former gay & lesbian couples for whom I have conducted a Commitment Ceremony, that I will offer the opportunity to make their commitment legal in accordance with any changes to the Marriage Act at a reduced rate of $150. Conditions Apply.



There is nothing more joyful than the birth of a new baby & for many parents a Naming Ceremony provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate & to formally welcome their child into the loving community of their extended family & friends. Whilst many parents choose to conduct a Naming Ceremony to celebrate their baby’s first birthday, a Naming Ceremony can be held at any stage of your child’s life. The Big Love Naming Ceremony Package includes a beautifully designed Naming Certificate, 2 Guardian Certificates, a Candle & a Wishing Stone to use as part of the ceremony.

Naming Ceremony Fee: $450

All ceremonies are conducted throughout Greater Melbourne, Victoria, interstate or overseas, if you wish – I’m always happy to grab my passport & suitcase! Additional travel fees may apply.

As part of my fee structure, travel of up to 50 kilometres one way from Pascoe Vale & 50 kilometres return from venue is included. Additional travel is charged at $50 per 50 kilometres thereafter. Additional fees apply for CBD parking. Please contact me to discuss your specific ceremony requirements.

Simone Riviere, Big Love Marriage Celebrant Melbourne