Chontel & Andrew-316Ok, I get it. I meet up with you & within a few minutes, I’m asking you all of this personal stuff about how you met, what you love about each other, what makes your relationship tick – & we haven’t even finished our first drink! Since I need all of this juicy info about you both in order to get to know you & understand your relationship a little better, I figure it is only fair to tell you a bit about myself. Here goes…

I am married to a beautiful man & we have two gorgeous, cheeky girls together. I am a teacher & a celebrant based in Melbourne. I am most definitely a people person & I am always up for a chat! I love to travel, have fun & meet new people. Infact, it was whilst living in London where I met my husband. When you meet me, I am friendly, outgoing, down to earth & relaxed. My all time favourite movie is The Sound Of Music, ahh if only life could be like a musical! I don’t miss an episode of Insight & I have been told on numerous occasions, much to my dismay, that I resemble Gloria Estefan. All I can say is, thank goodness for hair straighteners!

So, why become a celebrant I hear you ask? I had always considered it but life was just too busy. It wasn’t until I reflected on my own wedding day & the fantastic experience we had, that I thought, I want more of that! Without sounding corny, I can truly say that it is such a privilege working with couples, listening to their stories & creating something beautiful to reflect their love for one another. I love that initial moment at the beginning of a ceremony when a couple first lay eyes on each other, there is nothing like it & I am fortunate enough to get the best seat in the house!

But anyway, enough about me – I want to hear your story! So please get in touch at
Email: or
Mobile: 0407 681 605.

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